Laundry day, not always the funniest of tasks but it has to be done. Had a refreshing walk in the city yesterday, a mandatory off-the-computer-time. Bought a copy of the latest Glamour, that I read on the way home. At home, I could not help but being caught up in Pinterest again. Addicted, yes! Pinning counts as a hobby. Added the handsome Colin Egglesfield to my All Things Men board, the below goes right into the collection soon! Casual and formal.

Discovered his handsome self in “Something Borrowed,” a movie I have seen several times. Colin has been a huge factor in all the viewings, can´t help but blush slightly when he is on-screen. Hope you are having a great day!

Colin+Egglesfield+Celebs+Attend+Benefit+Help+HuuR4RYmSVhx Image via: zimbio.com, credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images Europe

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8 thoughts on “Colin

  1. masquerade21 says:

    Laundry can be so boring, I always have music on so I can dance around and make it more fun lol. Pinterest is so addictive, I am always on it for at least an hour, never 5 minutes like I plan x

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