Back at “the office” aka Starbucks, braved myself out yet another winter day. Through learning, I now wear warmer clothes than usual winters. Proud that I wear actual wool stockings for a change. More so, having on a warm sweater and a warm jacket. Winter is indeed more pleasant when I don´t freeze.

There is a huge decorated Christmas tree, in my eye-sight at the moment. Frankly, it´s dawning on me that December is written. For years, I kept an advent calendar (that my mom made to me), counting down to the big day. I don´t miss the calendar one bit, as I enjoy Christmas more without. Can enjoy each day without the thought that Christmas Eve is one day closer. For you, here is an image I found that makes winter looks charming. Do you have an advent calendar?

6c0fc93e0c512ecdd94a86b5c2b6a5b4Image via: noblecustomclothier.tumblr.com, credit: carolinesmode.com/stockholmstreetstyle

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12 thoughts on “Monday

  1. I really like that picture! 🙂

    I also need some wool tights. I don’t have any that I love, and they are absolutely necessary if you want to wear skirts during winter 🙂

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