Travel Day: Gothenburg

Hope you had a relaxing Sunday! I had one, just finished my cup of tea. Pre-Christmas time I miss Gothenburg, Sweden. Lived there a couple of years and it´s a bit weird not going to Jul på Liseberg (Christmas at Liseberg). Became a short-lived tradition, unfortunately. Other cool places I long for are Skansen Kronan, Hagabion and Konditori Brogyllen.

Skansen Kronan for the magnificent view of Haga and the city. (Actually, for an even better sight, there is a viewpoint around Örgryte in walking distance from Liseberg amusement park. Just so you know where to catch the best glimpse of Gothenburg). Hagabion for the very unique interior and diverse movie schedule. Lastly, Konditori Brogyllen which quickly became staple whenever I felt like treating myself. Local temperatures now are 4C/39.2F Have you been to Gothenburg, Sweden?

1. Skansen Kronan, 2. Hagabion, 3. Konditori Brogyllen, 3. Christmas at Liseberg amusement park.

Images via: wikimedia.orgcitizenkino.sexlntcommunication.seliseberg.se


6 thoughts on “Travel Day: Gothenburg

  1. Ok nu förstår jag att du pratar svenska 😉 Tyvärr kan jag inte prata norska.. Men min ena bror bor i Norge, och en annan bror bor i Göteborg! Hehe

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