Watched “Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa” yesterday and I loved it. Priceless, that pageant scene. A good laugh is needed, if it weren´t for the hidden cameras the pageant performance would have been highly inappropriate. Other scenes too, the title promises a “bad grandpa” and it does not disappoint. “Bad Grandpa” is not a groundbreaking movie, totally fine. Not all movies need to have deep themes.

Back to my wishes, my next wish would a gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana ensemble . After all, not being royal offers less occasions for crown wearing. Curious how it feels. What do you think? 

7a5cac90c9150a38bb568c357e954d4d Image via: vogue.ru

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4 thoughts on “Crowns

  1. This whole byzantine concept was interesting, but it seems like they are overdoing it a little bit. Probably something more subtle would have been more desirable, but maybe then the whole direct reference and opulence concept would have disappeared. The collection would have been more interesting with just the motifs and patterns, but not so much the huge crosses (which remind us of Eastern oligarchs) and other elements.

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