I hope your weekend was as relaxing as mine! Dark evenings, blankets and something to read offers plenty of indoor fun. For instance reading one of my favorite leisure magazines Glamour. The English or the Russian version, does not really matter which. They are both splendid! Not that I am fluent in Russian though, but the fashion bits are superb. Lovely Miroslava Duma graces the cover of the Glamour Russia December issue, just click the link for a glimpse of the cover.

Love that Glamour magazine offers great fashion inspiration and wonderful articles. The size makes it perfect to store it in your handbag, on the go traveling or commuting to school. Well, I am off to make scrambled eggs, so hungry! Which magazines do you read? 

6735be0272de14ff5f879ac6c69ad4e8 Image via: pinterest.com, original source: glamour.ru


10 thoughts on “Mira

  1. I really can’t choose between Glamour and Cosmopolitan, then there is Company which is like a mini alternative/indie scrapbook and Marie Claire for great journalism but fashion shoots. No wonder I’m broke lol

  2. Я обожаю Мира, Гламур Россия является приятно читать … Российские журналы, как сказки.

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