Røros Bliss

Røros (Sør-Trøndelag, Norway) is one of the few places where snow does not bother me, the wooden houses are more elegant covered in a thick layer of white. On Sunday I had an hour of Røros bliss. Snow there was and plenty of wooden houses. Christmas spirits developed, while admiring the old church and all the houses. My only wish would be having more time, to soak in the Christmas longing that developed.

Pre-Christmas time is the best part about Christmas, yes I love getting presents, even so the baking, listening to Christmas music and spending time with family are my favorite Christmas aspects. Røros was indeed the perfect place to officially kick off the Christmas season, the combination of vintage architecture and the sense of time traveling, are something you just have to experience for yourself. You would be just as excited about Røros as I am. Have you been to Røros? 
BERGSTAD B073 Røros kirkeImage via: whc.unesco.org, © Nomination File/Havran, Jiri


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