Thinking of Istanbul while cooking. For dinner am I going to eat a homemade wok with carrots, broccoli and chicken. One bountiful portion is in the making, can´t wait to dig in. While the vegetables are heating up, I can´t help but Istanbul dreaming. Beat the city is not as summery, as the pictures found online nowadays, winter is making it´s way.

Nonetheless, either winter-dressed or summer-dressed, I need to go to Istanbul one day. To experience the (what I imagine) are lively streets, filled with interesting people. On top of my to-do list is tea drinking actually. Have you been to Istanbul? 

010008007006004003 Images via: solfaktor.no


18 thoughts on “Istanbul

  1. I prefer the white color for sure. It’s more fashionable, maybe because it’s not lucid, and no, I’ve never been to Istanbul before.

    Have you changed something in your blog?

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