Father´s Day Gift Tips

Norwegian Father´s Day is drawing closer, this Sunday, to be precise. Every year the same dilemma arises, what is the appropriate gift for a father, who is able to purchase whatever he wants. More and more I realize it is the thought that counts. Scrambled together Father´s Day gift suggestions, both for myself and you. What is your Father´s Day gift tip?

1. Scarf, hm.com 2. I Am Zlatan Ibrahimović, amazon.co.uk 3. New Era 39Thirty MLB League Basic, nelly.com, 4. For Men Maca Root Face Wash, thebodyshop.com 

37 thoughts on “Father´s Day Gift Tips

  1. Oh Father’s Day, that’s always the day when I’m not sure what I’m buying exactly. It’s so hard to find the appropriate gifts for men, in my opinion. But you’re right, it’s the thought that counts in the end 🙂 And I love that NY cap! x Donah GiG

  2. Serena says:

    Oh you’re like a life saver! I definitely needed this post! I think i’m gonna get him the scarf… He doesn’t use creams or caps so… *shrug*
    Great post though hon! ❤

  3. I am true testament that it’s hard to choose a gift for a guy, especially if you have to buy one three months running! my bf’s birthday is in oct, our anniversary is in nov, and christmas is in dec! but thanks to you, I have new ideas in my head for getting him something! thanks for sharing!

  4. You are so right, it’s the thought that counts :)) For you, since your Dad is in Norway (I am mesmerised by the beauty everytime I visit Norway, you are lucky!), the muffler and the cap would be perfect since this is going to be an even harder winter 😀 And since my Dad is in India (It’s very nice weather now where he lives; lightly cold but sunny) I think I will go with a shirt and a half sweater. He always loves those :)) Plus, I think, a big HUG always works as the best gift 🙂 – GIG

  5. I think giving a face wash is absolutely a great idea as most men (not all) tends to be ignorance about the important of having a proper face wash! Thanks for sharing I think I know what to get for my man next time!

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