Urban Cabin: Carven

It´s very Norwegian to spend weekends at the cabin eating, skiing and playing in the snow. However, the cabin is not a place you´ll find me. The longing for the city, is just too strong. Instead, why not play with the urban cabin philosophy, applying elements to the everyday city wardrobe.

Love these, the Carven powder contrasted knit pullover and light beige bonnet pompom mountain knit hat, perfect for an urban cabin feel. Both items can be purchased via Freudian Kicks.

What do you think? 



80 thoughts on “Urban Cabin: Carven

  1. I love the pattern of the sweater…I think when it comes to the colder months,,pattern and prints are changing into simplicity…I love the knit hat…both of the items look like they are made from a good quality fabric..I think that’s the most important 😀

  2. I’m not a huge fan of winter, even though it lasts about 8 months here. 😦 Despite that, I love the sweater and the hat. You’re reminding me that there are great clothes to be worn all winter long!

  3. nina says:

    i love the whole fall/winter look!! the photos you shared just make me want to cuddle up with hot chocolate and a great movie too! i love the season!!

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