Hatch Flare Skirt Dress

Thank you nonfashionista for introducing me to Closet Clothing, didn´t know they carried such a varied and affordable selection of fashion pieces. For example this gorgeous cream-colored hatch flare skirt dress. Shop it here. 

What do you think? 



2 thoughts on “Hatch Flare Skirt Dress

  1. Hi Kajsa! I’m glad that your enjoying browsing through the closet uk website. I first heard about them while shopping for a dress at Debenhams in Manchester. I got a dress from them and I was very happy with it and unfamiliar with the brand. I looked for it online and back then they didn’t have such a big website. I’m happy they are making it and that more people are enjoying their products! You can check a post I did about them a while back! 🙂 http://nonfashionista.wordpress.com/2012/12/02/fashion-talk-closet/

    Thank you for referring me as well! Many hugs!

    • I always refer to make sure I don´t “steal” ideas. Checking out your post, I am happy that you made me aware of the brand! Think they´ve managed to create dresses that fits all kinds of body shapes.

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