#Hashtag #runway

Hashtags, Facebook likes, stripes and green are key words for the Kaf´dan by Elaidi SS14 collection, as spotted on the runway during Istanbul Fashion Week, October 7.  For more check out their website & Zimbio.

What do you think? 





Kaf+Dan+Elaidi+Runway+MBFWI+2014+Presented+K6k0V3CT0wvxImages via: zimbio.com, credit: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images Europe


53 thoughts on “#Hashtag #runway

  1. I love this designer and the style is so cool. Where did you find it? Lately you are really discovering great brands. The tee with the green # have to be mine :). Great job Kajsa…you are really doing great posts. xxx

  2. LOL I love how tongue-in-cheek the hashtag and “like” designs are. I am also a huge fan of that gorgeous green skirt paired with the sheer blouse. I have never heard of this designer before, but I am definitely a fan of these pieces.

  3. Ok, I gotta say something about the shorts that are paired with the “everybody likes like” tee…those are gorgeous! with the detail on the bottom and the green line accent…WHY IS NOBODY COMMENTING ON THAT?! ahahaha..and as a beauty devotee, I recognize the deep purple eye look is suited beautifully. Cheers!

  4. It’s smart to incorporate social media. It really is a power player now! Their pieces that tie into the theme are just normal, the others are very pretty!

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