Man Bun: Orlando Bloom

While spending a few hours downtown Oslo on Monday, a few guys walked by styled with man buns. I have to say they were all styled to perfection. Man buns demands delicate care, to prevent a messy result, Orlando Bloom exemplifies such man buns that I saw. Sleek and tidy, I like.

What do you think of man buns? 


Image via: collegecandy.files.wordpress.com


12 thoughts on “Man Bun: Orlando Bloom

    • Sofie says:

      I totally agree, also not a fan of half shaved look where the ponytail sticks out. I think a man bun is awesome but not everyone can pull off the long hair that it requires and still look good. To me it seems like guys can grow their hair super fast cause all of a sudden tons of guys started rocking the man bun a couple of years ago haha – wish my hair could grow as fast! 😉

  1. I think it looks great on him, but I know some guys who have grown their hair long and very obviously do NOT take care of it. Of course, the same can be true of girls who grow long hair and don’t maintain it well. I totally agree with your statement that “man buns demand delicate care.”

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