Jessica Alba vs Kate Bosworth fashion faceoff

Neutrals, black and white are great to work with. Comparable to a canvas. Effortlessly and easy to add or subtract details. High heels, flats, jewelry there are plenty of options.

Who do you think succeeded the best? Kate or Jessica? 

Kate Bosworth 

Screen-shot-2013-01-04-at-19.54.57Jessica Alba


Image credit (2nd): Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images North America

Images via: fashionsalade.com & stylebistro.com


40 thoughts on “Jessica Alba vs Kate Bosworth fashion faceoff

  1. Most definitely Kate. There’s the waist-detail on the dress, cream color (which is much more interesting than “regular” white), leather to completely juxtapose the softness of the cream, bare legs to give proper focus to the dress, and some very sleek styling. Team Kate!

    • whoaa..what was that?! I meant I’m going to be a little bit biased here and vote for Jessica just because I love her and her style in general..and if this (color block dress? or is it actually two separate pieces? whatever that is…) were to be worn by someone other than her, it might look a lot worse…. 🙂 ahaha

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