The Marc Jacobs floral shirt dress

Mindy Kaling (The Office, The Mindy Project) opted for a Marc Jacobs floral printed shirt dress from the Resort 2013 collection to an event in July.

Your take on this floral shirt dress? 


Image via: usmagazine.com, Outfit information via: fashionbombdaily.com


8 thoughts on “The Marc Jacobs floral shirt dress

  1. Okay, I love shirt dresses and Mindy Kaling, but I’m not so sure about this. The dress looks super long and the belt seems misplaced. She still looks cute because- let’s face it- she’s Mindy Kaling. But I think this outfit is not very flattering.

  2. I love floral but I think this is a bit over-board for me. Too many things are going on here: florals, colourblock and some more colourblock. Very busy perhaps.. But I agree with Casey. No mater what she’s wearing, she’ll always manage to pull it off!

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