Battle of the dresses

Would you go for the structured mini dress from Chanel as spotted on Emma Watson? Or the Dior gown worn by Natalia Vodianova at the Love Ball in Monaco?

Emma Watson

Premiere of A24's "The Bling Ring" - Arrivals

Natalia Vodianova vodianova

Image credit (2nd picture): NTB Scanpix

Images and outfit information via: styleite.com & minmote.no


62 thoughts on “Battle of the dresses

  1. It’s like Sofie’s Choice!!! I love both of these, though I’m really drawn to the structured tweed despite my life-long love for Valentino red. I think that the deciding factor would be the venue – Gala = Valentino, cocktail party = Chanel. ❤

  2. Emma looks really pretty and almost Pixie like, but i have to say i prefer Natalis’s dress..it oozes elegance, its so flattering, and the lines and the shape – i love it!
    Emma’s dress would be perfect for a date or going to a restaurant or something, but Natalia’s dress screams elegance, beautiful, special occassion…..
    Def the red dress for me!

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