Cropped tops and sweaters

Cropped tops and sweaters has been on the fashion menu lately. To a BBC Radio One Interview in London Vanessa Hudgens wore a white Catherine Malandrino Spring 2013 outfit. Pairing white pants with a cropped sweater.

What is your take on the cropped trend?


Image and outfit information via: hollywoodlife.com


46 thoughts on “Cropped tops and sweaters

    • As my sister had a serious HSM phase I tended to avoid Vanessa and the rest (when she wasn´t around me :p). Now that the phase is over I see Vanessa in a different light. Probably due to the fact that I am not exposed to her as much 😉

  1. It can work occasionally, but I feel like it usually just ends up looking trashy, if I’m going to be completely honest.That said, I love the look here; I think it comes from the fact that her pants aren’t skin-tight skinnies; that would be too much. I own several cropped sweaters but like wearing them over a fitted cami or tank. It still shows off the figure without so much skin.


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