Bradley Cooper in rust for menswear Sunday

Happy Sunday! 

Had the pleasure of walking in a sunny capital yesterday. Love when people get out and dine. Another thing I love is Bradley Cooper, his acting in “The Hangover Part III” so to speak. The scenes where he rocks the aviator shades, well having a thing for these particular shades, it can´t get better.

When the movie premiered in Los Angeles Bradley Cooper wore a rust colored suit. Rust is a tricky color to wear, but Bradley passed with flying colors.

What do you think?

slide_298639_2479497_freeImage via: news.moviefone.com



17 thoughts on “Bradley Cooper in rust for menswear Sunday

  1. Coooooper.. I love him so so much. However I’m not particularly fond of this clean-shaved look. She looks so much more stunning in that stubble. And I just watched hangover III – absolutely killer. I wish they come up with more Hangover franchise. He’s such a talented actor. I wish i could go on a date with him! 😀
    P.S He’s looking gorgeous in that rust coloured suit! 😉

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