TGIF Mode // Make-Up inspiration from Amanda Seyfried

Happy Friday y´all! 

You know the week has gone by fast when it feels like last Friday was the day before. For almost an entire week I´ve been sporting a foundation free face. Yes, even at work. Applying foundation is indeed almost a ritual, and that´s why it has been a little odd going almost au naturale.

The even odder part is how quickly I´ve adjusted to this new make-up routine. Saves so much time in the morning, plus I feel more relaxed without my make-up shield. I am thinking foundation breaks now and then are here to stay. Amanda Seyfried is my make-up inspiration, that subtle goes a long way.

Any thoughts about her make-up?

The Moet & Chandon Suite at the 2012 US Open - Day 2

Image via: assets.stylelist.com


Trend Tuesday // Maxi Dresses

Hello Tuesday!

Until recent I thought maxi dresses weren´t for me, but after a couple of rounds in the fitting room last Friday I´ve changed my opinion. Bought a black, elegant maxi dress that day and I love it. See it below.

Any favorite? 

H&M // Dress


River Island // Grey Ruched Side Split Maxi Dress 


Asos // Lashes Of London Maxi Dress with PU Bandeau




Designers Monday // Tom Ford

Hello humid Monday!

Quite pleased with the weather since it stores up the good weather for the weekend. All yesterday I lay in the yard just soaking in the rays.

Designers Monday features Autumn/Winter 2013 from Tom Ford. Not long ago I read a very inspiring interview of Tom Ford in a magazine I unfortunately can´t name. Gained a better understanding of the man Tom Ford from the reading.

Check out the fashion universe by Tom Ford here. 

Any thoughts about the Autumn/Winter 2013? 


Look 23 


Look 25





Credit: Tom Ford Facebook