Trend Tuesday // ELLE UK // Work Pants

Hello Tuesday. Back to early mornings!

Thanks to Jezz behind the blog jezzdallasmakeup.blogspot.no did I win an ELLE UK digital subscription. I am stoked about receiving such a wonderful treat.

As thanks Trend Tuesday is an ELLE UK version today, everything I´ve selected found there. Easter is for most of us past tense, so I picked out a few cool work pants.

KJs Wednesday is a bright color affair tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Who is your favorite James Bond? 

AllSaints black leather leggings 

Bruuns Bazaar pale grey leather trousers 


River Island perforated black faux-leather trousers



73 thoughts on “Trend Tuesday // ELLE UK // Work Pants

  1. I found some on etsy …..and I love them though I am not sure if I sometimes have a Kim K bubble butt in them….ooopss I so would love to rock the leather leggings!!

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