KJs Wednesday // Casual // Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Happy Wednesday & 1st day of May! 

I see my two previous posts has got some royal touch in the titles. That´s a good reason to continue with the royal theme that has built up during the week.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is my pick for KJs Casual Wednesday. Her ability to both stay in etiquette and time is great.

Isn´t she adorable? 



Trend Tuesday // Queen Maxima

Happy Tuesday!

Got inspired by a fashion story from minMote about Queen Maxima of the Netherlands. So I simply wanted to dedicate Trend Tuesday to her. Royal trends are worth following.

Found a great picture from Hello Magazine. To see the rest click here. She looks impeccable & proper royal quite subjectively.

What do think of this outfit she wears? 



Designer´s Monday // Alexander McQueen

Happy new week! 

Thanks to the lovely blogger behind stilettosandtequila.wordpress.com, Alexander McQueen is on the fashion menu today.

I think it´s really rewarding to use my Facebook page to interact and communicate. Alexander McQueen was a great suggestion when I asked for input there.

What do you think of these Alexander McQueen spring/summer 2013 accessories? 

1. Antique gold honeycomb crystal choker 2. Black glitter bee plaque belt 3. Patent honeycomb leather winged punk skull peep-toe. 


Tortoiseshell bee plexiglas choker



 Antique gold honeycomb bee skull pendant. 




TGIF Mood // Cobie Smulders // “Iron Man 3” Premiere

Happy Friday! 

Isn´t it lovely? I think so. Friday is after all my favorite day of the week. As I was reading and relaxing yesterday I found this gorgeous picture of Cobie Smulders, from the “Iron Man 3” premiere.

Way to rock the red color!

I hope you all get a splendid weekend. 



KJs Wednesday // Casual // David Bisbal

Happy Wednesday, weekend is drawing closer!

When I relaxed yesterday reading blogs and commenting I listened to David Bisbal. This particular artist has followed me ever since I was in Spain with my family a few years ago.

We rented a house not far from Barcelona, and in one of the rooms countless David Bisbal posters hung on the wall. Go figure, even all the magazines had David Bisbal in them.

Well why not share the Bisbal love with you, as he makes a suit a little less formal a white top.

Are you digging the casual formal look?