Filles á papa // Tomboy

Hi it´s Tuesday already!

Spent a few hours in Oslo. Chilled at a cafe reading the March issue of Elle UK. Leafing through the magazine I stopped at a sweater from Filles á papa, with the word “Tomboy” printed on. Via Facebook I found it in the shape of a t-shirt. 

Instantly I just felt something for the garment. In a way it feels so me. As I´ve had my share of tomboy-ish phases growing up.

Fun fact: I chose a guided tour at Old Trafford over shopping at The Trafford Centre once, while being in Manchester. Once in a while soccer goes before fashion 😉

Do you have clothes that feels so you? If so I´d love to take a look at them. 

Filles á papa


33 thoughts on “Filles á papa // Tomboy

    • Oh wow, we somewhat went through the same phase hehe, I was so like this too, it could be because I hang around with my cousins when I was little and they were all guys hahha, and once at college, I was all girly and all about makeup lol. x

      I like comfy shirts and ripped jeans! Skinny ones 😉

      • @Mrs. Gaeul: Quite a change 😉 Fun that you also went through a tomboy phase. xoxo KJ
        @Donah: haha, right you went through the same. Skinny ripped jeans are super chic. xoxo KJ

  1. I love when you find clothes that is so you. It is a great way to express yourself!

    Kisses, Lucy 🙂

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