Janice Dickinson for Sonas Denim

1Hey lovely readers!

I am excited to write about a newly launched line of patchwork jeans modeled by style icon Janice Dickinson for San Francisco brand Sonas Denim. 

The best part is how each jean is made. The process goes like this: 50 individual patches hand cut and sewn together. To create the unique look of Sonas Denim.

Janice Dickinson is not the only icon in connection with Sonas Denim. Laurie Holden from The Walking Dead, Sofia Milos from CSI Miami & Danny O´Donoghue from The Script has been seen with the jeans.

Lucky you! You can wear them too. Use the discount code love2013 to claim your pair here. 

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KJs Wednesday // Casual // Joe Jonas // Sofia Vergara

Wednesday, lovely to have a day off!

Last Wednesday I introduced KJs Wednesday. A brand and designer free day. Casual is the keyword. Today I am featuring one casual Joe Jonas and one casual Sofia Vergara. The latter because my brother all of a sudden has gotten me into “Modern Family” where Sofia plays.

Did not know how funny it is!

Do you watch any shows worth checking out? 


Trend Tuesday // Neon Stone Necklace

Hello Tuesday, Easter Break is on!

Joined Storemate a little while ago, a great place to find trending items. From today´s board I picked out a necklace that pop from Nasty Gal. Colored brightly yellow in true Easter spirit.

If you want to pin it on Pinterest here´s the link. 

Are you feeling the Easter mood?