DIY // Studs // Stars

Good Studded Thursday! 

This DIY studded project was a bit outside my comfort zone. As DIY projects are a challenge. Originally I wanted to add stars to an old pair of grey jeans.

Unfortunately it was not a success, as I am guessing they are made for thinner fabric. Instead I hammered a couple of bigger studs onto a smaller pocket. Feeling slightly proud and happy, suddenly these jeans are feeling like new. Didn´t take long either.

Crossing my fingers that they´ll stay in place. If not it´s hammer time again!

Who is your current favorite celebrity? 

Studs IMG_5730 IMG_5740 IMG_5746



Silver Pleated Maxi Skirt & Dress // Aqua Leather Jacket

Hi y´all this lovely Tuesday!

I hope you´ve had a great day so far! Thanks for sharing your favorite color, your favorite Oscar dress and more. Lovely to get input from you all.

Trine-Marie replied that oxblood was one of her favorite colors. You should def check out her blog!

So what do you think about these clothes? 

Enza Costa Silver Pleated Maxi Skirt

Enza Costa

Silver Pleated Dress & Aqua Leather Jacket


Agnes Kittelsen // The Academy Awards

Good Monday!

How was it starting off a new week? Right now it’s a real treat feeling the warm sun through the windows. Hopefully spring is about to set in. I am beginning the promised DIY project this week.

Some of you probably watched The Academy Awards during the night/evening. The movie “Kon-Tiki” having a largely Norwegian cast, was nominated in the Best Foreign Movie Category. Although the award was given to “Amour,” I personally think actress Agnes Kittelsen (Kon-Tiki) wore a super gorgeous dress to the ceremony. She did not win in her category, but her dress most certainly deserves an award.

Dress: Nina Skarra

Who was your best dressed at the Academy Awards?

Agnes Kittelsen


Friday Gift // Happy Weekend

Happy That It´s Friday

Are you as happy? Started off this Friday practicing tennis. Just this one time,  I am leaving the fun to the professionals.

Swiped by a hobby store to buy items for my-yet-to-be-planned DIY projects. I´ll reveal that the bags contains studs.

A little surprise arrived in the mail. a copy of Baku Magazine from my aunt. Exquisite fashion. Excited to read every page.

What is your favorite magazine? 



Vera Brezhneva // Pretty in Blue and White

Thank you all! 

For your lovely and encouraging comments. Received a comment about doing more DIY posts, so I´ve taken notice. This will be a challenge for me, but I am diving in.

I have learned much about fashion from each comment.

Sharing another fashion favorite. Vera Brezhneva is radiant. The blue pattern matches her eyes.

What do you think? 

Vera Brezhneva вера брежнева