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Created a google group for the blog this weekend. You are more than welcome to join to receive blog updates & more.

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Today´s fashion favorite comes from Norwegian Cala&Jade. Gorgeous bags. I´ve frequented this particular train station both day and night.


Photography/ Ingrid Holm – Blogger and model /Photographed by Patrick Katzman Retouch by Postproduksjon/ Hair and Make-Up by Vibecke Gamlem (taken from the Cala&Jade blog)


DIY Beauty Tip from Lauren Conrad

Heading to bed very soon. Thought about having a blog free Sunday, yes I am going to stay away from blogging. Firmly decided.

Contemplating a little cafe bonanza in Oslo tomorrow.

However before I head to bed here´s a wonderful DIY Beauty Tip from Lauren Conrad.  Great for dry and acne-prone skin. If you just have Greek yogurt, use it. Works without the probiotic capsule also, according to Lauren.

Wishing you a delightful Sunday. 


#Instaguest: Moi Contre La Vie

Weekend is here. This week I got to know Moi Contre La Vie. She is so alike me. Moi Contre La Vie is my #Instaguest. Her Instagram snaps are really great, and it was hard to leave some out.

So sit back, relax and enjoy. Happy Saturday Y´all. 

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Instagram via: Followgram Moi Contre La Vie