Inside my wish list bag of 2013

As I am one of the co-founders of the Girls Inspired Group on Facebook, I can´t participate in a challenge we currently have.

This challenge is about displaying 5 items you wish for in 2013.  A part of this challenge is to push your creative boundary in terms of showcasing. Everything should fit inside a bag.In the end a winner is going to be selected.

I hereby present my 2013 wish list.

A New Pair of Mardou&Dean 

The pair I already have has become a size too large. Working out has made my stomach flatter,  and more defined. When I bought the pair I have I didn´t expect such a development in such a short time span.


Chanel Le Vernis 

Nail polish is an easy way to upgrade an outfit. I picked out one from Chanel (as I am happy with my Chanel perfume), called Fracas. There is always room for another nail polish.



Once and for all I want to throw my old cell phone in the recycling, where it belongs. An upgrade has been necessary for quite a while. I love my little archaic cell phone, but when it´s a hassle to charge it, then it´s time. A new one will open possibilities to capture fashion in a snap.

a4529ac7-d1fa-f75e-7031-3fe3b0febb16Geometric Collar 

Another I have yet to actually buy on of these. Effortless way of upgrading an outfit. A white shirt and a collar is a match made in heaven. Urban Outfitters is my little fashion fairy land. I can walk for hours just looking at the details.



My favorite magazine should never leave my bag. A wonderful mix of fashion and knowledge.



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