Winter running

Braved myself out for a morning run at 6.45AM. With stable 21.2.F (-6C) let me tell you I woke up. Pushing boundaries that is the reward, however while running the run itself is on my mind. The roads are icy, and it´s always a challenge to prevent slipping.

Fortunate that it was too cold for slippery ice. Everything was really pretty in the dark, as I ran along the path. Passed a stable and an idyllic lake.

If temperatures stay the same more runs are on the morning menu. The right gear is absolute necessary. Purchasing a buff is smart. Tested mine for the first time this morning, and it kept me warm. Important to think about your lungs. Layer up.

Running outside during winter with the right gear, and in the right temperature range is fun. Just warm up inside. Get energized with a little food. Stretch out afterwards yet again inside.

Happy running! 

Workout gear winter

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2 thoughts on “Winter running

  1. Very sporty of you to be up and running so early! I started running again this weekend myself, though alas, only on the treadmill. Very boring after running outside all summer, but running outside during the Norwegian winter would be even worse, in my personal opinion 😛

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