Thinking of hosting a party?

Hosting a party is always such a joy. From the planning, the decoration and being the perfect hostess. I am always trying to be exactly the perfect hostess, I love everything about hosting a party. When you´ve been born with planning enthusiasm, a party is the perfect outlet.

Having this said, I am sure you´ve encountered a few minor kinks like I. A big problem is always the never-ending glass usage. Dressing the glasses with cute wine charms from Chitter Chatter Charms solves the issue.

No more trying to remember which glass is yours. Check out Chitter Chatter Charms Etsy & Facebook. 

Update January 8:  Chitter Chatter Charms facebook page ** JANUARY SALE ** 20% off **

For my facebook fans, during the month of January I am offering 20% off items purchased via my Etsy Store 
Discount only valid through my Etsy Store.
Remember wine charms can be made to order – maximum 10 letters per charm.

The photo shoot as you see took place outside. Norway is covered in snow and frost. Drew inspiration from that while decorating the table. This time of year the light is sharp. Everything on the table either owned or bought, except for the wine charms.


IMG_3562 IMG_3558copy1 IMG_3565copy1

Photography by: KJ Andersen.

Wine Charms from: blue owl logo with name & contact


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