Happy New Year, Welcome 2013

New Year Resolutions
How are you?? Have you had a pleasant NYE? 
I am usually quite stubborn when resolutions are brought up in conversations. Resolutions are simply something I never have understood the importance of. Call me instead a year-round goalsetter, I actually have goalsetter meetings with myself. Neatly on the computer I write down wishes and goals I´d like to pursue.
That´s why I wanted to surprise myself with a few resolutions all with fashion. To push my limits, both external and internal. I learned last year that it was pushing my limits that gave me most happiness.
Do you have specific resolutions?
Happy New Year. Let 2013 be a year to pursue dreams.
Illustration info: 2013 New Years Odometer, zazzle.com / Sparkle Make-Up hotbeautyhealth.com / Laura Leonetti, pinterest.com/


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year, Welcome 2013

  1. Happy new year 🙂 I’m not one for resolutions either, though new year’s is as good a time as any to think things through and set new goals. I haven’t announced any resolutions, but I have thought about a couple of things I would like to focus on this year.

    • Great to hear 🙂 Small or big, it´s the goal that matter. On the way there might be obstacles, those should not demotivate. But nourish more motivation.

      Life is after all every day in between 🙂

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