Good Friday everyone xx

How are you lovely reader?? I am currently trying to clean the stove. Found an easier way. Last time I scrubbed till my fingers bled. Not joking. Cut myself on the racks.


Feeling very Christmassy today with my red loungewear on. Have to say it´s quite idyllic outside at the moment, the snow has a touch of blue & it´s very picturesque. Even I who despise snow see how gorgeous snow can be. When it looks right it does.

Tonight I am in the mood for more lounging in. This is in my loungewear wish list.  Perfect juleinnehygge is hard to translate, but it such a perfect description of the mood I have. Perhaps perfect cosy Christmas indoor activity.

Happy Friday xx

Perfekt juleinnehygge

Clothes from: Juicy Couture / Jack Wills & Republic. Background image via: Moongardenart


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