@Kolonihagen Frogner on a cold winter day

Hi lovely readers! By surprise I discovered that I was among editors´ pick of the day at bloggers.com yesterday. That really delighted my day. Thank you for featuring me.

Besides this blog I am also running a Norwegian, my never-ending bandwidth issues at home has prevented me from blogging here. Nevertheless I am now sitting comfortably in one of my favorite cafes, Kolonihagen Frogner. It´s freezing temperatures in Oslo at the moment, I was the first guest this morning. Had to wait outside in the cold weather until it opened for the day, but it was so worth it.

I wanted to share some pictures and a little collage I posted on my Norwegian blog. In proper winter style, this is what I want to wear right now.

Items comes from: DanniJo , kate spade, Cubus, Acne & BLK DNM

Easy winter

I also went to a sale last week hosted by Norwegian designer Cecilie Melli. Lots of women were present, so I had to maneuver in order to get to the items I wanted to take a peek at. I bought a simple necklace that I am wearing now.

After the sale I took my newly bought necklace to Pascal to indulge in a treat. I wish you all a lovely Thursday

IMG_2269copy IMG_2270copy IMG_2271copy


Photography by: Kajsa J. Andersen 

6 thoughts on “@Kolonihagen Frogner on a cold winter day

  1. Oh I love love this winter, great for the cold outfit! I’d definitely wear this! probably skip the necklaces because little bean would just snatch it away haha. You have many on your plate with the Norwegian blog, but I’m sure you’ll be fine ;-). Hope you have a great time during your ‘office day’ today. xx D

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