Good Friday everyone xx

How are you lovely reader?? I am currently trying to clean the stove. Found an easier way. Last time I scrubbed till my fingers bled. Not joking. Cut myself on the racks.


Feeling very Christmassy today with my red loungewear on. Have to say it´s quite idyllic outside at the moment, the snow has a touch of blue & it´s very picturesque. Even I who despise snow see how gorgeous snow can be. When it looks right it does.

Tonight I am in the mood for more lounging in. This is in my loungewear wish list.  Perfect juleinnehygge is hard to translate, but it such a perfect description of the mood I have. Perhaps perfect cosy Christmas indoor activity.

Happy Friday xx

Perfekt juleinnehygge

Clothes from: Juicy Couture / Jack Wills & Republic. Background image via: Moongardenart


Chlorella & Cocoa Facial Mask

Hey lovely readers! What´s up?

I mixed together a facial mask yesterday. Found the inspiration here. This facial mask is supposed to moist and detox the skin. Took the liberty to add Chlorella instead of Spirulina, as I don´t have the latter one. 

Chlorella is stronger than Spirulina, but I can assure you that my skin is perfectly fine. Note: Your skin might react differently to mine (therefore you should mix ingredients that suits yours). I am not there yet to perfect skin, but I am on my way. 

The ingredients I used. 



Lastly but not the least the recipe and proof that I wore it. I had it on for about 10 minutes. ¨

Finally off to the store again. This chilly winter weather is really bringing out the lazy in me. 

Happy Wednesday! 


Photography/Illustration by: Kajsa J. Andersen 


Celebratory mood

Good morning readers! How is Saturday treating you? I´ve had a slow morning, right now I am listening to Swedish House Mafia. Can´t get enough of their addictive “Don´t You Worry Child.” 

A healthy morning drink is soon in the making. Yesterday I got the 100th like on my Facebook page. I celebrated that with a rather unhealthy treat. When the page hits 200 likes a celebratory macaroon is planned, thanks to one of my lovely followers who suggested that. Image


Thanks to The Charmed Cupcake who made this for me, you are always so supportive. I love it. 




@Kolonihagen Frogner on a cold winter day

Hi lovely readers! By surprise I discovered that I was among editors´ pick of the day at bloggers.com yesterday. That really delighted my day. Thank you for featuring me.

Besides this blog I am also running a Norwegian, my never-ending bandwidth issues at home has prevented me from blogging here. Nevertheless I am now sitting comfortably in one of my favorite cafes, Kolonihagen Frogner. It´s freezing temperatures in Oslo at the moment, I was the first guest this morning. Had to wait outside in the cold weather until it opened for the day, but it was so worth it.

I wanted to share some pictures and a little collage I posted on my Norwegian blog. In proper winter style, this is what I want to wear right now.

Items comes from: DanniJo , kate spade, Cubus, Acne & BLK DNM

Easy winter

I also went to a sale last week hosted by Norwegian designer Cecilie Melli. Lots of women were present, so I had to maneuver in order to get to the items I wanted to take a peek at. I bought a simple necklace that I am wearing now.

After the sale I took my newly bought necklace to Pascal to indulge in a treat. I wish you all a lovely Thursday

IMG_2269copy IMG_2270copy IMG_2271copy


Photography by: Kajsa J. Andersen