Finally a visit to the hairdresser

Hi lovely readers!! I have finally found a cafe I can update my blog from. Had a super workout with my brother and his lovely gal today.

I have not set my foot inside a gym for ages, they workout more systematically than I do. I think it was really valuable to see both in action, for sure there are areas I need to improve.

For a couple or a week ago or so I went to the hairdresser. I´ve got a lovely colorist who remember me, even though I haven´t been there for ages either. Pamper days are always a loud yes yes in my book. Just to feel like a princess.


The result a more blond look. I´ve had my natural hair color for a couple of years now, eventually it got darker than usual. Happy to experiment with colors again, even if it is a minor change. Any change is good? I think so.

Don´t you love to feel like a princess too??

At the moment I am sipping a strawberry smoothie, while waiting for a friend to come join me.

I wish you a super day xxx

Photography by: Kajsa J. Andersen




5 thoughts on “Finally a visit to the hairdresser

  1. Aww this looks nice on you KJ! I love feeling like a princess and getting that new look too! My hair has transformed so much over the years, from straight to curly, then straight, then long, short, highlight, lowlights, bob and to uneven haircut hahhaa. Now I’m back to my hair color which is black and shorter hair due to having my little bean. It’s more convenient, manageable and less pulling from him hahha.

    • Totally understandable. With a little kid you can´t really go to the mirror all day 😉 I think you suit your hairdo. Yeah it´s really fun to experiment, life is too short not to. Wish you a magical evening momma bean xx

      • Oh yeah, last time I took AJ to the salon with me and as soon as I sat down,as I was hoping he’d be a good boy, he started crying LOL.

        Whenever his Dad comes over or my Mom is available, I go to the hairdressers hahaha.

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