Finally a visit to the hairdresser

Hi lovely readers!! I have finally found a cafe I can update my blog from. Had a super workout with my brother and his lovely gal today.

I have not set my foot inside a gym for ages, they workout more systematically than I do. I think it was really valuable to see both in action, for sure there are areas I need to improve.

For a couple or a week ago or so I went to the hairdresser. I´ve got a lovely colorist who remember me, even though I haven´t been there for ages either. Pamper days are always a loud yes yes in my book. Just to feel like a princess.


The result a more blond look. I´ve had my natural hair color for a couple of years now, eventually it got darker than usual. Happy to experiment with colors again, even if it is a minor change. Any change is good? I think so.

Don´t you love to feel like a princess too??

At the moment I am sipping a strawberry smoothie, while waiting for a friend to come join me.

I wish you a super day xxx

Photography by: Kajsa J. Andersen




kjandersen is back again

Seems like I´ve had a long hibernation from blogging, the reason behind is simple I´ve had really weak bandwidth at home.

Quite frustrating when I have wanted to blog, but writing posts hasn´t been possible. I am currently in downtown Oslo writing at a really lovely cafe. While I´ve had a rather unwanted hiatus I´ve progressed in multiple areas. In the food section I´ve embraced low carb high fat for the goodness it is. Naturally I´ve met a few ordeals, and have failed those. However in general I feel that this new lifestyle is good for me. Health has become more important than ever.

I workout more effectively. Underlying the notion that I try to workout with fewer exercises. These exercises aren´t fun, but they are working like magic.

I hope you are having an awesome day! Talking about ordeals I might fail today, not easy to resist the temptations in front of me. I feel like taking a little break from my low carb life. Can´t live on just salmon and spinach you know.