Blogging at Glipho

I recently joined Glipho & today I was asked to write about my favorite songs at the moment. 

I´ll share the post with you here. What do you think of any of these songs?

1. Ronan Keating – Fires  This song really took me by storm. The opening reminds me of “Runaways” with The Killers. Fortunate that I like that song too. I have always been a rock-n-roller at heart so to hear Ronan with more power is a cup of tea after my own liking.

2.  Ani Lorak – Obnimi Menya This Ukrainian superstar never disappoints. She keeps on releasing hit after hit. This isn´t her newest single, but I need my daily dose. Her energy is contagious and whenever I need an energy boost this is it.
3. The Script – Hall of Fame feat. will.i.am This song has great lyrics that motivates me whenever I need that.  Playing this song I feel I can conquer the world with just about anything. I can be in my own hall of fame if I just believe it hard enough. That´s the essence I get while listening.
4. Timati & La La Land feat. Timbaland & Grooya – Not All About The Money The perfect song for a great workout.  You also just wanna dance to this song on repeat all night long. Timati has been under my radar for a few years now and it´s fun to see how he has evolved.  He has come a long way since his collaboration with Mario Winans on the song “Forever.”
5. Karpe Diem – Her This song is my Norwegian contribution to my Top 5 Songs at the moment. Karpe Diem is by far my favorite band hailing from Norway.  “Her” is one of those songs that reminds me of the diversity of Oslo, Norway. It´s as I am walking in the city while listening.  The guys manage to capture my essence of Oslo. Even though they are known for hip hop their sound evolves & grow.

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