Sweet almond oil for the skin

Good Friday. For me it´s a rather cold one, and that´s why I perhaps plan on a workout indoors. I usually run before doing my planned activities. What motivates me to workout on days when I don´t have the right energy are goals.

I googled my dream body to find a picture of it. Whenever I don´t feel like working out I look at it as a reminder.

A product I´ve come to love is this sweet almond oil from Now Solutions. I used to have flakey and dry skin, my skin had a hard time absorbing moisturizer. That´s why I am so satisfied with this product, I apply a gentle amount on a cotton pad to my face every night. Takes time to transform dry skin to healthy. But I can sense and see a difference, and it didn´t take long.

Have to add that I always take a tablespoon of fish oil and eat other fats every day.

The sweet almond oil can be purchased via http://www.iherb.com (118 ml) or (473 ml)  for an affordable price.
The manuals and my pilates ball are screaming for my attention. I wish you a super day.

11 thoughts on “Sweet almond oil for the skin

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this KJ, from your previous post of breakfast and jeans your skin looks radiant – this oil must be working wonders 😉 I have exactly the same dry skin symptoms – dry, flaky and hard to absorb moisture not matter how much water I drink.
    I take fish oil tablets too but maybe I need to start increasing my fatty food intake as I really do not eat that much fatty foods & cut back on my wine and champers (Noooooo!!!!!) cracking up lol 😉

    • Kajsa Josephine says:

      You´re welcome. We have to help each other getting that glowing skin. I totally understand your issues, seemed like everything I did nothing helped. I am going to the health store either later today or tomorrow to buy Supernature foods. I didn´t know how much effort you actually have to put in to transform the skin. As you see I don´t avoid carbs all together, but since I have different food intolerances I had to cut down on carbs & more. You just have to find the right solution for you 🙂 I don´t want to recommend a diet that´s wrong for you. It takes time and dedication, but the reward of better skin is worth all the trouble. I hope you find what works for you 🙂 KJ x

      • The Charmed Cupcake says:

        Thanks so much KJ, between you and Momma Bean I am sure I will find a solution to my skin problem. Plus I need to be strict with myself and don’t be so lazy 😉

      • Kajsa Josephine says:

        I´m sure you will find the right “cure”. Better to be strict yeah, I´ve learned that the hard way 😉 Having great skin is more important than indulging in food that causes dry skin. 🙂

  2. i love using natural oils on the skin! You know, if you have dry skin, it will help to massage the oil into your skin for a few minutes to help it better absorb into your skin. Otherwise, if you prefer not to massage the oil, you can do a facial massage while using your chosen face wash. This gentle exfoliates and deep cleans skin while stimulating cell turnover. The oil will be better absorbed into the skin with this method. Hope this helps! x

    • Kajsa Josephine says:

      Thanks for all the tips 🙂 The more I learn the better I can fix my skin. I do massage the oil but just with a cotton pad. I have seen a dramatic improvement by applying a rich amount of oil onto my face every night. Natural oils should have its own chapter in beauty books. Sometimes the cheapest products do more than expensive ones.

      • storybookapothecary says:

        Of course. Yeah if you use your fingertips to massage for around 1 minute. It really makes a big difference. To cleansing, for acne and for dry skin. Whatever issues your skin has. It will help your skin. You might experience a breakout or two if you are starting it at first. Your skin it detoxing. If after a week or so, you should see a huge improvement. Totally agree with you on that. Try natural green beauty recipe books. they are so helpful! x

      • Kajsa Josephine says:

        🙂 🙂 So happy that you possess so much knowledge. I´ll look into the natural beauty recipe books. Spent some time searching for products I am going to purchase. I made the worst protein smoothie after my workout today, so that´s why I want to search the web for better ingredients. I feel a difference when I both workout more efficient and take care of the food intake. How is your insanity workout going?

      • storybookapothecary says:

        Its just from reading a lot honestly and experience. I would highly recommend Suti skincare to you since you have dry skin. its very nourishing. insanity is going well thanks! just trying to do insanity with a few other workouts until i get better at it. its seriously hard lol x

      • Kajsa Josephine says:

        I´ve just began exploring this world so I am glad to learn 🙂 Thanks for the tip! Glad to hear that your workout is going well. I just love a great workout, even though it´s hard. You feel so much better afterwards 🙂

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