Kolonihagen Frogner

It´s been a long and wonderful day in Oslo. I´ve dined and chatted for hours. First at Kolonihagen Frogner, then at an Indian place.

I have to say the purse I bought in Copenhagen at Urban Outfitters is my best purchase (well….almost) ever. We are inseparable. BFFs forever (or something like it)

How has your day been?

I just want to find my pyjamas, eat some light snacks and continue with Friends. I am soon in the third season. Joey is hilarious, so is the rest of the cast.

Happy Thursday evening or morning 🙂

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine Andersen


7 thoughts on “Kolonihagen Frogner

      • haha…Joey is so funny! I usually shift who I like the most from time to time. They are all funny in their own way! Chandler has the same tone in voice being ironic or not haha. That´s perhaps a reason why it´s easier to like Joey, since his humor is more straightforward. I have learned to like Chandler over the years 🙂

      • Watching Friends is perfect for chilling out! It’s light but it’s fun. And yes, I know what you mean about shifting ;-). Not sure which episodes you’re watching now, but I like the part when they had one of this famous actor to guest 😉

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