Duck at Dagligstuen

How are you today? I had a rather informal meeting at Dagligstuen – Hotel Continental today. Ate duck,  had a drink (non-alcoholic) & planned lots of important things for the near future. 

While I was on my way home I stopped by Lille Vinkel shoes. Saw these gorgeous ones. I am probably in need of a few months to brave myself up enough to wear them.

When I got home I enjoyed a refreshing coconut drink. Now I am onto dinner. Have a happy Tuesday!

  Photography by: Kajsa Josephine Andersen 


8 thoughts on “Duck at Dagligstuen

    • Kajsa Josephine says:

      Yeah tasted good 🙂 I am doing so good these days. I see that you are doing well too. That delights me tons! KJ x

      • missflamboyante says:

        Thank you, yes quite well. I had an exciting last two months with a lot of traveling going on – but it’s not too bad being home either…best, Nadinexx

      • Kajsa Josephine says:

        Indeed! You are totally right. You appreciate home better after seeing the world 😉 Sometimes it´s really nice to stay in one place for some time. I´ve seen the pictures 🙂 🙂 Miss Southern Europe! You are lucky being nearer France and more.

      • missflamboyante says:

        Are you near Oslo? I guess you’re not that far either. I remember my flight to Copenhagen, which is just round the corner from Oslo was surprisingly short. Sure, there is nothing better in the world than traveling – but it wouldn’t be half as good if coming home wouldn’t be a part of it 😉

      • Yes I am near Oslo. Copenhagen is such a gorgeous city 🙂 The coming home part is actually pretty nice, you get to share your travel memories with your friends and family.

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