I went to a book fair in Oslo today. Listened to lots of interesting talks about books of course. One presentation was in connection with a book about cupcakes & cakepops.

The author Tone Oraini Selfors and her niece demonstrated for the spectators how to make them.

Let me tell you they were talented!

So join my kakefest (the book title)  today!

Kakefest means cake party.

Afterwards I met a friend  & her family – well, that was my favorite part of the day.

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine Andersen


13 thoughts on “Kakefest

  1. Lovely to see you too! Shame I missed out on the cupcakes, though I got to browse through plenty of cake recipe books. We should get together and bake something from your new book!

  2. ohh man!! between you and donah Im going to go into a sugar coma!! you guys post the most delsih cupcakes and Im a cupcake addict!! can see one cause gotta eat it and now I do nothign but dream of cupcakes hahah
    so glad u had fun my friend!!

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