Readers´ Favorite Things Part 3

I am always glad when you my reader wants to contribute. I have been under the weather recently so I haven´t had the same energy to be creative.

That´s why I appreciate that you are helping me out.

Last week I required information from my readers, which resulted in a stream of replies. I continue with the third Readers´ Favorite entry. Today two women are featured telling what they like about their country.

 I´ve picked out clothes that goes with the reply. I have to say I don´t know what people wear in the rainforest (as I´ve just had vacations in deserts & closer to Europe) so I took a wild guess. 

Annalisa behind the blog annainherwonderland.wordpress.com said:  The thing I love to do in my own country is to meet up with friends for the aperitif. normally all the drinks are 5 or 6 euros and all the nibbles are free, so while enjoying a drink and something to eat you see your friend in a busy bar, more friends are coming in, you say hello to them, you chat to different people, you meet new friends…I love the warm feeling of the Aperitif time or Happy hour!

Cinnamon Spring behind the blog cinnamonspring.wordpress.com said:  A great thing to do in Borneo is to walk in the rainforest and relax my feet in the cold stream while chilling out with family and friends 🙂

Thank you both for participating it was a real pleasure to read what you wrote.

Clothes via: Gasmy – The Italian Fashion Store & Cubus 


6 thoughts on “Readers´ Favorite Things Part 3

  1. Thanks for including ! 😀 You’re absolutely right about the leggings, those fit really well when you’re going outdoors and don’t want to get bitten by insects or get too tanned! 😀

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