Readers´ Favorite Things Part 2

To continue where I left of yesterday it´s time to talk about shopping & stores. Tianna, Brittany & Donah mentioned a few stores they liked. Most of them were new to me, so I really enjoyed scrolling down their websites & acquaint myself.

I picked out a few items from the suggested stores. The orange dress from TK Maxx won´t probably suit my skin tone, either way I think it is pretty. It´s so bright and playful. The Calvin Klein dress from Nordstrom Rack probably works better.

I think Charming Charlie had lot´s of gorgeous items, so it was hard to pick out just one. Marshalls also had some great items.

Thank you all for recommending these stores. 

This outfit works so well with what a reader likes to do after a day of tanning. Yamari who´s behind yourgotogal.com told me what she liked to do in her country, she said:  I think one of my favorite things to do here in Miami is head out to the beach after a day of tanning, walking a few blocks down and eating something delish or cooling down w/ a cocktail drink.

It´s Friday so put on those colored-blocked heels and enjoy the night with a cocktail or two. Wherever you´d like to be.

Happy Fashion Friday 

Items via:  TK Maxx, Charming Charlie, Marshalls & Nordstrom Rack 


9 thoughts on “Readers´ Favorite Things Part 2

  1. Oh wow! It’s like you’ve read my mind today! I’ve been thinking that I’m loving the orange color lately. In fact, I actually bought an orange hair brush and orange-toned nail polish! And I don’t even do my nails! hahah. Thanks so much KJ. Lovely post and appreciated the shout out! Will be doing the same thing for you soon! 🙂

    • What a coincidence! Orange nail polish is pretty. I have that color on my nails at the moment. Perhaps orange is the new trend color? You´re welcome. How kind of you 🙂 I wish you a pleasant Friday evening. I am happy that The Killers are guests on a talk show tonight. Their new single has been on my mind lately. Talk to you soon KJ x

  2. Orange is such a summery colour and looks good on most skin! Sorry I’ve not been visiting lately my internet here in Borneo is pretttty slow! A great thing to do in Borneo is to walk in the rainforest and relax my feet in the cold stream while chilling out with family and friends 😀

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