Readers´ Favorite Things Part 1

Yesterday I asked my readers about what their favorite thing to do in their country was. I am glad and I appreciate the answers I received. I´ll do the stores in a separate post.

You all answered so well so I thought why not let the answers speak for themselves. I have selected photos that I think illustrates the answers.

Thank you again for participating 

Brittany from creativityarise.com said:

My all time favorite thing to do (so far) in the USA has been to walk along the ocean shore or just sit in the sand and listen to the waves crash. It is the most peaceful sound ever!! can’t swim a lick but I will hop in a boat in a heartbeat!

Donah from sweetjellybean.com said:

Embracing the beauty of the English countryside and smell nature with it! I always miss this whenever I go somewhere with flashing lights and zooming fast cars! Although, I don’t hail from the UK, I’ve come to appreciate all the greeneries and how others preserve its beauty. Long walks, short walks, mountain hikes, just to name a few. Plus, you don’t want to miss an English afternoon tea! OMG!I used to work in a hotel and would serve afternoon tea at the garden, and it was just amazing!

Tianna from storybookapothecary.com said

My fave thing t do in the US is get boba, go to the beach or Disneyland. not necessarily all at once haha

Photography via: Eastern Beaches, PaxtonvicSocal.Catholic


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