I need your help :)

Good morning everyone. How are you today? I had an idea right about now. I´d be really glad if you told me your favorite thing to do in your country.

Also if there are unique stores (not those chain stores) just found in your country.

Thank you for taking your time to answer. I just get so happy when you contribute in making this blog better. It is really is wonderful getting to know you.

I will create a post or two including every answer. 

Here I was enjoyed a delicious “kanelbulle” in Sweden this summer.

Happy Fashion Wednesday. I am going to Oslo today.

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine Andersen

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14 thoughts on “I need your help :)

  1. My all time favorite thing to do (so far) in the USA has been to walk along the ocean shore or just sit in the sand and listen to the waves crash. It is the most peaceful sound ever!! Actually I love the water…can’t swim a lick but I will hop in a boat in a heartbeat! I’m not sure if it’s just found in America but I love the accessories store Charming Charlie and Nordstrom Rack. Hope you have an awesome day!

  2. Embracing the beauty of the English countryside and smell nature with it! I always miss this whenever I go somewhere with flashing lights and zooming fast cars! Although, I don’t hail from the UK, I’ve come to appreciate all the greeneries and how others preserve its beauty. Long walks, short walks, mountain hikes, just to name a few. Plus, you don’t want to miss an English afternoon tea! OMG!I used to work in a hotel and would serve afternoon tea at the garden, and it was just amazing!

    As for a unique store, I’d say TK Maxx, not sure if it’s a big chain.. but this store has all sorts of things, and changes every week, so it’s like you grab it now or miss it forever LOL. That’s why I like it. You wouldn’t be walking around and see someone with the same thing as you. (kinda)

  3. My fave thing t do in the US is get boba, go to the beach or Disneyland. not necessarily all at once haha. Also some awesome shops we have that I think are unique to USA are – TJ Maxx, Marshalls,
    Nordstrom Rack & Ross

  4. The thing I love to do in my own country is to meet up with friends for the aperitif. normally all the drinks are 5 or 6 euros and all the nibbles are free, so while enjoying a drink and something to eat you see your friend in a busy bar, more friends are coming in, you say hello to them, you chat to different people, you meet new friends…I love the warm feeling of the Aperitif time or Happy hour!

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