Berlin, Berlin

Good morning! How are you today? This morning I had an idea about making a little Berlin guide for you. Berlin is one of my absolute favorite cities & there isn´t a day that passes without thinking about it.

Have you been to Berlin? If so what are your favorite things to do, eat, see or shop?

Actually my favorite thing is sitting on one of the stairs outside the KaiserWilhelm-Gedächtnis-Kirche , it´s such a vibrant part of Berlin.There are always street performances going on when I am there. I just love being where the people are.

The items are found here Andreas Murkudis  & Kaviar Gauche 

If you want to check out Glasperlenspiel go here. I love their music.

If you want to eat at St.Gaudy Café go here. First image via Be My Guest 

Bottom images by: Kajsa Josephine Andersen



13 thoughts on “Berlin, Berlin

      • I understand, my trip to Berlin was totally unplanned. I was visiting some friends in Germany and then the boys got the idea to take a road-trip to Berlin at midnight. It was around 5 hours driving and in Germany the highways are not as well-lit as in The Netherlands, it was quite the adventure.

      • Must have been 🙂 Sounds like an awesome trip! Germany has so much to offer. I´ve just driven through The Netherlands, but I´m sure the country has lots to offer too. What is your favorite thing to eat and see there?

      • In The Netherlands? I love Arnhem, I live close to that city, it has a lot of history, a lot happened there during the Second World War. Amsterdam is really nice, just look beyond the cheesy touristy things. Recently I’ve been to Middelburg, in the south of The Netherlands in the province Zeeland, I can tell you it has got great old architecture. I’ve seen places that could be an amazing wedding venue (not that I’m getting married, it’s just the first thing that came to mind). If you ever visit The Netherlands again, please let me know, I could give you some tips 😉

      • Thanks for the detailed list of things to see in The Netherlands. I am all for doing something else besides the tourist tracks. I actually think that finding your own cafes and activities are worth pursuing 🙂 Creating memories that aren´t shared with a long queue, outside some tourist attraction. So thanks 🙂

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