Stockholm Fashion

Good Morning. How are you all today? I woke up in a party mood so that´s why the ensemble I´ve put together – is in party mood too.

The items could be worn separately or together. Doesn´t matter. I just wanted all items to be a bit more colorful than usual.

Beware these are not budget friendly alternatives, those pumps and  cuffs were something I couldn´t resist. Good that the dress is budget friendly at the very least, when I`m in a party mood I don´t mind tossing the budget out the window.

This outfit was inspired by listening to the Stock-Holm track by DJ M.E.G., an awesome Russian DJ. Well, the title of the song also inspired me to find items in stores located in Stockholm. Don´t know if I succeeded, at least the stores are located in Sweden.

Here´s the track: 

Items found here: Twist & Tango, David & Martin (silver), David & Martin (gold) & Scorett

I wish you a great Fashion Wednesday!


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