Working out as become a bigger part of my life recently. I take deep pride in having consistency. Before I would slack & workout without a proper schedule.

You wont categorize me as a nature appreciator naturally. Some might love going up in the mountains, sleep in tents and eat food directly from cans.

I consider myself on the far end on the other side of that scale. For me sleeping in tents that´s an adventure in itself. Where can you possibly find a blow dryer that works without electricity? You tell me.

That´s why it´s fun to see that nature could become a friend. I never workout in gyms. Always running or biking outside. Who would´ve thought that a little outdoorsy fun is now a necessity in my world.

What I have come to terms with that you find an activity that you like. There´s really no specific guidelines to follow. Moving around a little is better than nothing. Also increasing your food intake. You don´t need to workout five times a week to become fitter.

I found these gorgeous gym  clothes from xxl , that would make me feel like a running queen in the woods. 


4 thoughts on “Sportswear

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