Some of my cherished magazines

I try to buy at least a magazine per week to keep myself updated on fashion. There are plenty of magazines online, somehow I like the smell of printed sheets. That´s why I keep buying them.

Over the years my preferences has shifted from a magazine to another. Everything belongs to the growing up bowl. I mix and blend different ingredients as I develop.

I can´t really eat Captain Crunch everyday for the rest of my life exactly. Even if the package is fun to look at. Sometimes it´s exciting to find something else in the bowl, something that adds flavor & excitement.

The Captain Crunch story was only a metaphor by the way.

On the top of my list a newcomer has climbed the ladder. 

Company Magazine.

The main reason is just the fact how excited I am to read every page. There´s something new to discover on each page, and I just love the fact that there are all kinds of people inside. It has pushed the envelope on what I define as fashion & broadened by perspectives.  Believe me I need variation and ideas, sometimes it´s easy to stay in the same routines.


Woman DK.

Woman is a magazine not only found in Denmark. There´s a Norwegian edition too. With that said I love the Danish version.  Perhaps the minor language barrier is the main reason. What I love about this particular magazine is the men´s section. I have learned a lot about what men actually think about fashion & body shape. They have pages where men talk about what they like about women and clothes. Women you actually need to worry less about your body shape and clothes. Some make-up & a cute dress is highly appreciated. They appreciate that you´ve put an effort in your look, but that doesn´t mean you have to be a runway model all the time.


Lastly Stella Magazine 

A Norwegian magazine focusing on beauty, fashion and self-improvement. It is rich in content and topics. I like magazines that focuses on learning & fashion. Because really it is you underneath the fashion and clothes I find interesting to talk with. The clothes are there to enhance your features & tell me something of your personality. Talking is for understanding the rest.

Photography via:  Mirror, Woman, Stellamagasinet

(The photographs are linked)


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