Counts down till tomorrow

This week has truly transformed itself to a special week. Getting closer to fashion. Began on Monday with the all-inspiring workshop with designer Cecilie Melli.

Tomorrow I am attending my first major fashion event. Mardou&Dean hosts an event in Oslo showcasing their spring/summer 2013 collection.

The one and only Nicole Richie wearing Mardou&Dean jeans in this photo. 

Somehow I need to pinch my arm in order to really comprehend all these wonderful things happening. Remember I am just a small town girl well more of a woman. Usually my days aren´t filled with cocktail parties, glitter & the limelight.

Tomorrow evening will therefore become one of a kind.

Photography via: Mardou&Dean


3 thoughts on “Counts down till tomorrow

  1. åå så kul att du tycker det:) tack fina du! hoppas du gillar modevisningen då men det är jag säker på 🙂 ja i London är det väldigt bra! London fashuion weeek är galet, du borde komma hit och kolla då! inga planer på det?? kram

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