Some awards

The always so creative and kind woman behind the blog Haute Frugalista received lot´s of awards. She  had the super idea of handing them out to any who liked to grab them. As it is appropriate and according to the rules to pay them forward.

Thank you I thought that was really sweet of you & I hereby wish to pay the awards forward to any who  would like an award or all of them. Just keep in mind that this idea is not mine, but the lovely Haute Frugalista´s.

Also according the rules some questions to answer.

1. If you could pick any view in the world for your home, what view would you want to see out of your windows? The sea for sure. I have always wanted a little summer house by the sea. I know exactly where I want my summer house to be, but let´s just keep that a secret for now. Well, the perfect solution for a home would be a combination of sea and city.

2. What is your favorite place to shop? I don´t have a specific store, I generally do my shopping wherever I feel like going in. Before I would limit myself to a couple of stores, but have in latter years discovered that there are so many wonderful stores out there. So why limit myself to one?

3. Who is your celebrity crush? It isn´t really a crush now (probably when I was younger haha)….but I have always admired David Beckham. A man with great style and who keeps getting better with age.

4. What is your fashion style? I have grown to like and wear jeans. Usually I´m not dressed up to the nines, pretty casual. I have learned that there is a time and place for extravagant outfits. By the way I could live in my pyjamas.

5. Who or what is your fashion inspiration? There are so many that inspires me, thinking about it I get really inspired of women who transforms from casual to chic with ease. I don´t want to mention any in case I forget some.

6. What is your favorite song? I think I´ve ruined my Spotify repeat button this summer with that Payphone song. I think that is Maroon 5´s best song to date. I just keep imagine myself on the other end of the receiving line haha.

7. If you had an extra empty room, what would use it for? A walk-in-closet. Had one when I lived in the US, and I really miss having one. Much easier to keep a neat closet.

8. What is your dream career? I have lots of dreams but have learned that keeping them for myself works better. What I can tell is that I currently dream of going to Berlin again. It´s been a year and half since the last visit & just ache for the city. It has everything I like.

9. What is your favorite movie? Hard to say as I´ve just learned to appreciate going to the movies haha. What I can say is that the teenage girl inside of me dislikes any movie involving a dying Leonardo DiCaprio. There are many of those and therefore few movies left I can watch haha.

10. What is your favorite TV show? The Big Bang Theory, Desperate Housewives, One Tree Hill, The Tudors….A little bit of everything. There are so many great TV shows out there.

11. What is your favorite food? Spring rolls & lasagna are on top of my list. Now I remember I have spring rolls in the freezer, I craved for spring rolls one weekend but actually forgot to eat them.

Now it´s your turn, I´d be happy if you linked back if you grab any of these & I think Haute Frugalista would appreciate a mention too.

Happy Fashion Thursday 


Inspired by Russell Brand

This morning I got inspired from an article in the Daily Mail about Russell Brand. Yesterday I was watching lots of talk shows with him. I have been a fan of Russell for many years, I think I can listen to his thoughts for hours.

I am not a woman who laughs easily but I laugh every time he opens his mouth. Think it is his whole honest personality that attracts me. He is never afraid to talk about his darker sides and I like that. I just think his jokes are hilarious.

He might not be everyone´s cup of tea, but for me he is the right flavor. That´s why I´ve put together a very Russell Brand inspired outfit.

Clothes via: River Island, UNIQLO, New Look, Rokit & Goodreads (book) 


Stockholm Fashion

Good Morning. How are you all today? I woke up in a party mood so that´s why the ensemble I´ve put together – is in party mood too.

The items could be worn separately or together. Doesn´t matter. I just wanted all items to be a bit more colorful than usual.

Beware these are not budget friendly alternatives, those pumps and  cuffs were something I couldn´t resist. Good that the dress is budget friendly at the very least, when I`m in a party mood I don´t mind tossing the budget out the window.

This outfit was inspired by listening to the Stock-Holm track by DJ M.E.G., an awesome Russian DJ. Well, the title of the song also inspired me to find items in stores located in Stockholm. Don´t know if I succeeded, at least the stores are located in Sweden.

Here´s the track: 

Items found here: Twist & Tango, David & Martin (silver), David & Martin (gold) & Scorett

I wish you a great Fashion Wednesday!


Fashion wait……for it, challenge accepted

I wanted a challenge today and tried to keep a $100 limit. Everything went as planned until I discovered the lovely peep-toe flats. Had no other choice than to include them. After all a lady can´t walk barefoot.

The other part of the challenge was to only include stores in New York, but that didn´t exactly go as planned either. The 1940´s aqua embroidered shirt is located in Miami. At least it is located in the US. That´s the important thing.

It was really fun to challenge myself and put together everything. There´ll be more challenges in the future I think.

Clothes via: Shoptiques, American Eagle Outfitters,Teddy & Forever 21




Casual menswear Monday

How are you this Monday? I am about to make a pasta salad. I am literally starving now.

Most of what I do here usually applies to women, so today have I switched focus to menswear.

Oh my, how gorgeous items are! 

I have put together a casual look that could work nowadays when summer is transformed to fall.

The clothes come from American Eagle Outfitters, Urban Outfitters, UNIQLO & New Look. 

Out of all these items the jeans cost the most, otherwise these items are very budget friendly.