A day @Moods of Norway

Did some shopping today. Not this dress as it didn´t fit properly over the shoulders. But a pair of jeans!

When is the last time I actually bought a pair of jeans?? I have worn a pair a friend gave me for ages now, so to have bought a pair myself is a great feeling.

I have truly fallen in love with the brand Moods of Norway. This is inside the fitting room. The picture on the wall is actually something we could have at our cabin. So truly Norway in every detail.

Even I who is a true International Woman feels that this store is like being home.


Photography by: Kajsa Josephine Andersen


12 thoughts on “A day @Moods of Norway

      • Too bad, that is. I love browsing when there’s a sale on, but just hate it when you have to compete with others rummaging around with you too. LOL.
        Still, it’s good you’ve treated yourself to a pair of jeans.;-)

      • Yes! Sometimes you leaf through a rack…and all of a sudden another hand appear.Have you bought anything new lately?
        Think so. Jeans isn´t the easiest thing in the world. Sometimes I end up buying a pair that expands in the waist. So this time around I bought a smaller size just to be sure.

      • Exactly! Another hand! LOL. I bought a few summer t-shirts last week which were on sale since after giving birth to be honest, I’ve not bought a lot of clothes. Now that I’m back to my size (apart from the jelly belly! ha ha), I thought perhaps I could buy more clothes now.

        I’ve been wearing jeggings lately instead than jeans, although I still have a few pairs in my closet.

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