Motorcycle jacket

I wish you a happy Fashion Wednesday. It´s probably way into Wednesday for many of you.

Also for many of you – that includes me – rain has been prominent even today. Where is the sun?? Perhaps we have to wait till August comes. That´s a good reason to brighten the day literally with this colorful motorcycle jacket.

As spotted on Elle Magazine´s twitter account.


7 thoughts on “Motorcycle jacket

  1. Love this jacket and the color even though I am not into pink so much, but this one stands out and I like it.

    I asked the same thing here, where’s the sun? It showed up for a minute then the rain poured. Terrible.

    • Yes. It´s not like pink-pink. The good thing is the opportunity to keep control over what´s underneath. No need pink up your t-shirt, shirt or whatever if you don´t prefer that color. Just take off the jacket whenever you feel like it.

      • Must be. 🙂 I usually never wear such a bright-colored outer jacket myself. But nowadays I like to challenge my fashion taste. There´s many items I wouldn´t have thought about before. This included, but it might be such an item that surprises you.

      • Oh I know what you mean about challenging your fashion taste. Lately, I seem to have grown a liking towards the mustard color, that I ended up with two light jackets with almost identical color! LOL

      • How fun 🙂 Mustard is not the color I would normally wear. Glad that you are a fashion challenger yourself! Sometimes the things we just passed by on the hangers – are the things that suits us the best.

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